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The Mighty Picking Idler

By: Luff Industries

Luff Picking Idlers are specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your screening and wash equipment.


conveyor components



conveyor idlers


screen deck

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How an Aggregates Company Uses Drone Data

By: Kespry

Brian Biggerstaff, Environmental Manager at CSA Materials, will discuss how their company uses drone data for inventory management, environmental management and visualizing shot blasts. Questions can be submitted before and during the webinar. Register here.

mine planning


inventory management


environmental management

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Ultimate Drive Pulley Solution

By: Luff Industries

Luff Industries has partnered with Richwood Molded Rubber products to provide its customers with the ultimate drive pulley solution.


drum pulley

belt slipping

conveyor belt

drive pulley


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A Journey Toward Electrical Workplace Safety and Production Reliability

By: Eaton

This paper outlines the experience of one global cement producer that embarked on site surveys and studies to achieve arc flash safety compliance at 13 cement plants in the U.S. and Canada.



arc flash

project management

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Steel Rolling Mill Achieves Target of Reduced Operational Costs via Cooling System Upgrade

By: Eaton

The purpose of this paper is to review a case study of a successful energy project at the ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor facility involving the addition of five new adjustable frequency drives (AFDs) used to regulate flow of the high-volume water spray system for the runout table (ROT). The paper will outline 1) processes used in justifying new technology updates, 2) mill alignment with the serving electric utility to leverage energy credits, 3) equipment selection and installation and 4) metrics us ...

energy efficiency

mining solutions

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How to Change or Rotate Tires in Half the Time

By: Titan International

Learn how quick-change technology such as the Titan Accelerated Change Technology (ACT) Wheel System can help you reduce downtime associated with tire changes or rotations by up to 50 percent. Consisting of a two-piece lock ring, the quick-change technologies release the inner tire assembly from the wheel while the outer wheels stays mounted to the truck, eliminating the need to torque and re-torque.



quick-change technology

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Powerful, Fexible and Reliable: U.S. Tsubaki DISCO Variable Speed Motors

By: US Tsubaki

U.S. Tsubaki DISCO is one of the most competitive traction drive units on the market today. DISCO combines compactness and simplicity with energy efficiency to ensure quiet operation and long, trouble-free performance. Starting with materials of the highest quality, U.S. Tsubaki carefully manufactures and assembles DISCO according to strict quality control and efficient manufacturing processes.

Variable Speed Drive


Traction Drive

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Mining Maintenance Management Course


The Mining Maintenance Management Course is ideal for training maintenance personnel on the procedures, techniques, strategies and methodologies required to manage maintenance effectively. While maintenance personnel are the primary audience, staff organizations and operations will learn how to focus their support and cooperative efforts to enhance maintenance performance. Mining managers will appreciate recommended policies and key indices to guide and monitor the overall maintenance effort. Th ...

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